22 September 2010

rootless tree




you cut me down a tree / and brought it back to me / and that's what made me see /
where I was going wrong / you put me on a shelf / and kept me for yourself /
i can only blame myself / you can only blame me / ...

you put me on a line / and hung me out to dry / and darling that's when I / decided to go to see you /
you cut me down to size / and opened up my eyes / made me realize / what I could not see / ...

and I could write it down / or spread it all around / get lost and then get found /
and you'll come back to me / not swallowed in the sea / ...

the streets you're walking on / a thousand houses long / well, that's where I belong / and you belong with me

oh what good is it to live / with nothing left to give / forget but not forgive /
not loving all you see / ... you belong with me / not swallowed in the sea

(coldplay - swallowed in the sea)


  1. ÅH taaack sötis! Blir jätteglad :) och jaa, det är ju drömyrket va ;)
    jag tycker DU tar superfina bilder, de två sista i det här inlägget är underbara! kram